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Head Start Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)

At AGA's Advisors, we offer technical and training assistance (TTA) for you to comply with Head Start Performance Standards 

Our technical and training assistance are specially designed to all Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) grantees and delegates agencies that will undergo under federal monitoring review or follow up review as required by the Head Start Act. The training will focus in all areas covered by the monitoring process.

  • TTA Fiscal Area
  • Environmental health and safety
  • CLASS 
  • Governance certification

The Head Start monitoring system (protocol) changes every year and attendants will have the opportunity to learn from real Head Start monitors how to prepare and what is new in the monitoring process. Learn the most common areas of non compliance found and how to prevent it.

Who Should Attend?

  • Head Start Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Fiscal Officers
  • Governing Board Members
  • Policy Council Members
  • Services Area Managers 


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